Edition 20 (July/August 2020)

  • Edition 20 (July/August 2020)

Pre-order: Edition 20, published 30 June 2020, all wrapped as always in 100 quality pages of magazine...
We have some fantastic articles lined up from some amazing contributors including Vittorio Tessera (Casa Lambretta), Mark 'Brad' Brough (Time, Trouble & Money), Paul Hart (VVC Journal editor) and Dean Orton (Rimini Lambretta Centre), to name but a few!
*A Vespa GS commuter scooter
*1980s Lambretta dealer special still being ridden (and with some nice history too)
*Traveling the world by Vespa during a pandemic
*1950s accessorised LD used by a dealer as daily transport
*The literal A-Z of riding across Europe
*Rustorations - what are they?
*A rarely heard-of (in the west) Vespa factory
*Freedom of Choice - a raffle prize
*Garagista LML 4t powered-chop
*A retrospective look at the 70s scooter scene
... plus more besides that we've managed to put together at a safe social distance despite current circumstances!