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Edition 9 (September 2018)


With so much positive feedback for edition 7 and 8, showing that the gentle evolution of our quality independent scooter magazine is what you, the scooterist, wants, we’re even more excited about what’s lined up for edition 9!
Vittorio Tessera shares more secrets from the Innocenti archives, this time about the pre-production Lambretta Series 1 he found.
Also from the 1950s we take a look at the rarely explores world of tuning wide-frame Vespas.
Accessorised scooters have always featured in the scene over the decades, and we have a stunning example from the stables of Rimini Lambretta Centre, featuring some tasty pieces indeed.
We also have a well-engineered bike engined Lambretta street racer, there's a lesser-spotted French classic we discovered in Suffolk and a high-mileage Lambretta S-type street racer as well.
Ever fancied riding across Africa? The Blind Scooter Guy tells us about his adventures on a geared LML before he lost his sight.
Tuning an old Vespa? Then read on as we look at what's out there for the wideframe models. We also have an exclusive test ride on a new Electric Vespa too - chalk and chess you might say.
We also have reports from Vespa World Days, Cleethorpes, Exmouth along with other events, news, product reviews and more besides - all with quality images printed clearly onto the A4-sized pages of ScooterNova magazine.

ScooterNova magazine is an independent publication, written and produced by scooterists.
Published bi-monthly on quality paper, the articles are written by knowledgeable scooter journalists who ride their scooters regularly around the UK and throughout Europe.
Edition 8 will be published on 1 July 2018 and is available from all good scooter shops, the Lambretta Club Great Britain and Vespa Club of Britain club stalls, or directly from us here at ScooterNova from our online shop.