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Hooded & non-hooded top - Original design


An exclusive range of winter warming tops, in various combinations, perfect for keeping you warm on your scooter or through the winter!
On the front is the rider based on the Si Barber-design, with an extra design on the rear, all screen printed on high quality garments with at least one pocket.
The first in our range was the hoodie with a full length zip. There are two pockets in the front and a draw string around the hood and this comes in both male and female cuts.
We also have a similar top WITHOUT a hood, but still with the full length zip and two pockets, perfect for wearing on your scooter if expecting rain!
The final addition to the range is the traditional hooded sweatshirt style top with one large pouch pocket at the front.
Please contact us for overseas shipping prices.
The hooded sweatshirt and hoodless zip top are available only in gents sizes, so ladies should consider ordering a size smaller than usual (EG order a size small if you are usually a size medium)