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Edition 14 (July/August 2019)


Edition 14

• A stunning custom Lambretta with a little Pollock/ Squire artistic inspiration
•  A chat with Sticky about his Scooterboys book
•  Some high-powered Vespa smallies
•  Gorgeous Lambretta Series 1 combo, a la garagista
•  An intriguingly eye-catching French custom Vespa
• Scarborough, Weston-super-Mare and Kelso rallies
•  London to Brighton Vintage Run
• Strange Russian Vespa look-a-likes with 2 and 3 wheels
• Scooter touring... of course!
• EuroLambretta 2019 - hot off the press as we ride home from Poland!
• PLUS the Pondering Prince, events, reviews of stuff we like and loads more
All on 100 pages of quality paper with relevant advertising, credible articles with integrity and depth.