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Edition 2 & 3 (2017)



Edition 2 of ScooterNova magazine - July/August 2017
*Gelati Lambretta FB 3-wheeler,
*Sei Giorni Vespa replica,
*Stuff We Like (tested products),
*Lambretta J50 230cc,
*Touring to Moscow by Lambretta - Part 1.
*EuroLambretta 2017, Italy (70th anniversary)
*Headlights White Lines... (Coast 2 Coast ride, LCGB)
*Scooter Centre Koln Custom Show,
*SIP Open Day,
*Headlights White Lines... (South Downs Run),
*Every Picture Tells a Story (Summer of '84)
*Custom GP200,
*The Art of Sign Writing with Dave Dickinson (DDK)
*NSU Prima D, Vintage German scooter

Edition 3 of ScooterNova magazine - September/October 2017.
*Cheap ‘n’ Nasty (aka Rusty) Vespa,
*Roads to Moscow Pt 2,
*70 years of Lambretta (with EXCLUSIVE, never seen before photos of the Innocenti factory in Milan),
*Stuff We Like,
*Vespa World Days,
*Lambretta Series 2 XL
*Italy Vs Germany (Durkopp Diana Vs Lambretta LD AVV luxury scooters),
*13th Giro Dei Tre Mari,
*Lambretta Larger Frame (Series 2 for tall people!),
*21st Century Vespa Gran Sport,
*Lambretta Siluro (1951 Record Breaker),
*Every Picture Tells A Story (scootering in Northern Ireland)
*Discworld (show-winning custom Lambretta painted by John Spurgeon).