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Edition 15 (September/October 2019)


Edition 15

•  A stunning custom Lambretta - 'Breaking Rocks In The Hot Sun' - recently unveiled at ScooterExpo
•  Dan fits a BGM 177cc kit to his Vespa PX
•  Vittorio looks at early Lambretta sidecars
•  An obscure English scooter, the Sun Wasp
•  ScooterExpo report
• Unleashed – 80s custom PX also exhibited at ScooterExpo
•  Bring Me Sunshine (LD Series 3 built for touring in a garagista style)
•  Norrie Kerr rides the Milano - Taranto
•  Reports from Big 7 and Llandudno national scooter rallies
• Scooter touring to the Baltic
• Chuckles & the Big Cat – two lovely Lambretta Vega scooters
• PLUS the Pondering Prince, product reviews, news
All wrapped up inside a very special cover design, that you may well have watched Dave Dickinson of DDK Airbrushing painting live at ScooterExpo recently!