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ScooterNova edition 7 (May/June)


The current edition (7) of ScooterNova magazine, covering May/June 2018.
**To celebrate the first year of the independent ScooterNova magazine we have a COMPETITION to WIN a AF Rayspeed Clo5e Ratio 5-speed gearbox and from VE UK a Malossi performance kit!**
*The Innocenti prototype Lambretta with a reed-valve
*Exclusive interview with the scooterists behind the Stone Roses
*A look at the Clo5e Ratio gearbox
*Casa Performance 265 engines – who buys them? Road test and more
*Exclusive full feature of the Butcher Garage Project Esc Vespa for SIP
*A restored custom classic Vespa PX
*A true garagista Vespa chopper
*On tour with Luton Lambretta Club to the WW1 battlefields
*A little bit of BBSC, Whitby and VMSC
*Rallymaster replica and a little history
*AND what Andy & Iggy are building for 2018, new products, stuff we like.
*This and lots more besides, in your new favourite scooter magazine.
(Price includes postage)